Designing is like the touch of the artist on a painting, the engraving of a sculpture on a rough piece of rock, the creation or the improvement of a space combining the correct colors and materials in order to reflect the owner’s feelings, needs and aesthetics.

This is exactly how I feel when I start a new project. A white piece of paper on which we will write our story together, a material without shape on which we will work together to reveal the appropriate image.

My primary target is to achieve the perfect matching of four basic feelings: piece, relaxation with a touch of surprise and enthusiasm for the marriage of the different objects and materials in each specific space.

I consider myself a minimalism fan, which is one of the most important styles of our times and I try to introduce my own personal and artistic point of view in to it. I invite you to follow me to a journey of different styles and rhythms taking the idea of interior designing one step forward.

Main Goal
The transformation of everyday's object into artistic corners, has always been a challenge.
Simplicity with a hint of elegance...