Grigorelis Xenofon-Hector was born in Thessaloniki where he continues to work and live, up until now. He completed his studies on interior design and he started experimenting on wood constructions. His first projects were based on design and production of pieces for commercial use as well as unique, one- of- pieces. His main goal was to combine aesthetics and workability in an interesting conjunction.
You have to really believe not only in yourself; you have to believe that the world is actually worth your sacrifices. Zaha Hadid
After many years of experience designing, interior decorating and creating both houses and commercial shops, he decides to follow his restless needs and culture his artistic views and ideas in order to produce his own projects. He also taught at the Greek public technical school for a year, graphic design, were he challenged himself in getting close with the upcoming designers. He decides to participate in International Design Competitions, were he is awarded with the Bronze Award in A Design Competition and with the Silver Award in Italy. The designer's perspective is that modern personalities should adopt aesthetics, architecture and internal decoration in their everyday life. All new means of high technology such as computers and mobile phones are piece for the pictures we face every moment throughout our day. Elegance should be recognised and not be considered as inaccessible luxury.
God is in the details. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
He redefined his priorities as a productive designer and set new goals in the area of presenting new forms in designing and producing elegant objects of everyday’s life. The main challenge now is to make our space exquisite and impressive. He seems to be immediately recognized both from the industry as well as from the people that follow him.